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About Us

Working to make AI powered drug design as simple as a spreadsheet

We make AI powered drug design as simple as browsing the web and empower biopharma teams to become more efficient. Ultimately, powering the century of biology and elevating health for all.

AI first Drug Discovery for every team

Founded by a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge in 2019, DeepMirror is on a mission to improve R&D efficiency to make drugs and drug discovery more accessible.

Every new approved drug now costs >$500M before it is even given to the first patient. Over 6 years chemists painstakingly tweak molecules to make them effective drugs. What if we could predict which tweaks are better than others and reduce overall costs? AI can help but the technology remains expensive and is only used effectively by specialists and a few big Pharma businesses.

We at DeepMirror are experts in physics, biology, and AI and are working hard to bridge the gap and drive AI adoption across the Biopharma industry. Making the latest AI tech accessible to every chemistry team. Reach out to learn more at

Image of Max Jakob, CEO at DeepMirror



Image of Andrea Dimitracopoulos, CPO at DeepMirror

Product Lead


Image of Ryan Greenhalgh, CTO at DeepMirror



Image of Prashant Shah, NED at DeepMirror

Non-Executive Director


Leaders at the interface of Biology, Physics, Machine Learning and Business.
With an unwavering drive to deliver and a proven track record.

Image of Cecilia Cabrera, Application Scientist at DeepMirror

Founders Associate

Image of Jacob Green, ML Engineer at DeepMirror

Founding Machine Learning


Founding Frontend Engineer

Our values


We foster continuous learning, development, and we push our limits to drive innovation and professional development in a challenging environment. We have not arrived at our destination yet.


We strive to innovate and build things that have not been built before to empower the Life Sciences industry to do better. We prioritise meaningful work and societal contribution in everything we do.


We cultivate a supportive, collaborative, and family-like team atmosphere. Individuals support each other and help each other grow.


We encourage independent decision-making and responsibility for one's work and outcomes. We are self-driven entrepreneurs, always on the initiative.


We value open, honest dialogue and diverse perspectives for effective teamwork and decision-making.

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