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About Us

There is a better way to discovery.
And we are paving the way. 

Born at the epicentre of Biotech Innovation

Founded in Cambridge, UK in 2019 by scientists at the University of Cambridge, who recognised that access to cutting edge structural machine learning will enable Biopharma R&D teams to do fewer unnecessary experiments and find better drugs.

Now a team of leading experts at the interface of biology, physics, and machine learning, we are committed to bold innovation and on a clear mission: Enabling the discovery of health innovations.

We are backed by the most supportive and experienced biotech founders and angels, and trusted by innovative companies and laboratories across the globe. Join us on our mission!


For careers and investment opportunities, please get in touch at enquiries@deepmirror.ai





Leadership Team

Leaders at the interface of Biology, Physics, Machine Learning and Business.
With an unwavering drive to deliver and a proven track record.