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About Us

Bringing the AI co-pilot to every lab

Born at the epicentre of Biotech Innovation

DeepMirror was founded at the University of Cambridge, UK in 2019 to elevate health for all through intuitive, reliable, and secure software that gives users a fresh, AI-powered, perspective on laboratory data to improve speed and creativity.

We are a team of leading experts at the interface of biology, physics, and machine learning, are backed by the most supportive and experienced biotech founders and angels, and trusted by innovative laboratories across the globe. Join us on our mission!


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We build intuitive, reliable, and secure software that transforms complex biological data into actionable insights to elevate quality of life for all.

Our tools provide every Life Sciences laboratory with an AI perspective through access to a modern machine learning infrastructure for continuous learning.

Ultimately enhancing efficiency and understanding while powering innovation in the century of biology. 






Leaders at the interface of Biology, Physics, Machine Learning and Business.
With an unwavering drive to deliver and a proven track record.

Application Scientist

Machine Learning


Machine Learning Advisor

Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London

Contact Us

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Mail address:

PO Box 1388, Cambridge, UK, CB1 0LP

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Our values

We aim to be an inspiring workplace that fosters a strong sense of agency through collaboration and growth


We want to be an inclusive and diverse workplace where every voice is heard and we become greater together than we are as individuals


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and responsibility standards to leave a lasting positive impact on the world of life sciences and beyond

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