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DeepMirror Image

DeepMirror Image is our customisable infrastructure solution for automating image analysis tasks that can learn image analysis workflows from just 100 images. We work together with our customers to annotate the most relevant images and integrate the platform into their workflows.

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Small Molecules
Antibodies & Peptides

Automating Pathology image analysis for gene therapy

One of our customers needs to analyse large amounts of pathology images to assess gene therapy efficacy. DeepMirror annotated the most relevant images with in-house specialists and deployed a custom solution within a few months that will soon be used in production

Accelerating academic research: Cell Biology

Researchers at Munster University analyse the behaviour of cells to advance basic research. They reached out to DeepMirror to quantify the movement and behaviour of cells and organelles. Now they use DeepMirror Image to quantify organelle locations and their dynamics.

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Accelerating academic research: Neuroscience

Hundreds of researchers across the world use KymoButler: a tool developed by DeepMirror to track and analyse molecule dynamics in brain cells (neurons). Try out here:

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