What our technology enables today

Automate your image analysis -

with 20x less annotated data

DeepMirror Image assists you in image based decision making from few example images by learning image structure first - hundreds of images every minute

3x faster discovery of RNA 

DeepMirror Bio learns which RNA sequence motifs exhibit optimal silencing (RNAi), insertion frequencies (gRNAs), toxicity and many more properties to speed up lead identification.

Supercharge Small Molecule Lead Optimisation

DeepMirror Bio guides you through your lead optimisation project by predicting compounds with optimal properties (such as target binding, cell permeability, and toxicology). Helping you to identify the most promising pre-clinical candidates faster than ever before.

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Bringing Structure to Discovery

We believe that democratising access to artificial intelligence and data in BioPharma will unlock the health innovations of tomorrow

Get in touch to learn about DeepMirror Bio: the platform that learns from your laboratory results to guide you on your journey to novel drug discovery


Predict molecular properties such as ADME, toxicity, and immunogenicity to reduce expensive laboratory testing


Find the top therapeutic leads faster by selecting optimal candidates based on predicted parameters, reducing trial-and-error and synthesis time


Identify molecular structures that help unravel mechanisms of action of therapeutic candidates

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faster AI implementation


faster identification of leads

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discovery of molecular motifs


faster data analysis

Our Technology Enables

Our technology is based on years of academic work and was extensively benchmarked on real world data to deliver