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DeepMirror has been awarded the UK Global Incubator Programme Grant

DeepMirror has been selected as one of only 8 innovative companies to join the Global Incubator Programme for AI in the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada.

Friday, 23 June 2023 DeepMirror has successfully secured a position in Innovate UK’s highly competitive Global Incubator Programme. The programme enables promising small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to explore and access overseas markets to accelerate their growth. Specifically, the Global Incubator Programme for AI collaborates with the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada to enable AI start-ups to access the Canadian and North American markets.

MaRS is a prominent innovation hub in North America supporting start-ups and scale-ups by bringing together members of the tech ecosystem. MaRS collaborates with 1,400 companies across Canada, providing a diverse range of services to help tech founders grow their companies and foster meaningful innovation. In the year 2020 alone, ventures supported by MaRS collectively raised $2.4 billion in funding and generated $1.5 billion in revenue. Canada is a thriving ecosystem for AI start-ups. It ranks among the top five countries in terms of commercial AI ventures, boasting the highest number of patents per million people among the G7 nations and China. In 2017, Canada launched a comprehensive national AI strategy aimed at attracting and retaining world-class researchers, cultivating a collaborative AI ecosystem, advancing national AI initiatives, and understanding the societal implications of AI, propelling Canada to become a global leader in the AI sector. Toronto in particular stands out, hosting a remarkable concentration of 273 AI start-ups.

The Global Incubator Programme will enable DeepMirror to access a thriving AI ecosystem, explore potential new markets in Canada and North America, and build relationships with industry experts, world-class mentors and potential partners. "We are delighted to be chosen as a participant in Innovate UK’s Global Incubator Programme for AI”, said Max Jakobs, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMirror. "This recognition affirms the hard work and dedication of our team in developing groundbreaking AI applications. The program's support and expertise will be instrumental in accessing new markets and transforming our vision into reality. We are excited to share our work with other AI start-ups in Life Science and build relationships with collaborators in Canada.”

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About Us

DeepMirror was founded at the University of Cambridge, UK in 2019 to elevate health for all by developing intuitive AI software that assists researchers aiming to optimise molecules and processes by suggesting creative, optimal solutions, reducing experimentation time by up to 90%. Our products and services help researchers develop promising therapeutics, increase crop yield, streamline laboratory processes for synthetic biology and gene therapy, and automate microscopy image analysis. Press Contact Cecilia Cabrera Application Scientist DeepMirror Email:


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