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Accessible AI for every Drug Hunter

Empowering chemists to design and prioritise potent drug molecules with robust and secure AI in an intuitive web app.

Find the needle in the haystack and halve the cost of your preclinical drug programme. Get started for free within 30 minutes.

DeepMirror's webapp enables AI-driven discovery for life sciencesfrom day 1
Accessible AI

Do not waste time and money on deploying and testing AI for your design-make-test-analyse (DMTA) cycles. Get started within a few hours.

Enhanced creativity

Use generative AI to ideate novel compounds. Enhancing creativity and finding the optimal candidate for preclinical testing.

50% faster Hit-to-candidate

Get from hit to lead candidate up to 50% faster with AI powered  compound generation & prioritisation and save millions.

Supported By
DeepMirror is supported by Santander
DeepMirror is supported by Innovate UK (UKRI)
DeepMirror is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering
DeepMirror is supported by NVIDIA
DeepMirror is supported by AWS activate
DeepMirror is supported by Microsoft


in csv and sdf format

Upload and merge datasets seamlessly

molecules based on molecular scaffolds

Visualise, align, and compare molecules

based on your dataset with generative AI

Generate new molecules

molecules to compare them

and prioritise

Filter, sort and pin

such as Ligand Efficiency and Synthetic Accessibility

Calculate molecular properties

using cutting-edge AI from as few as 30 compounds

Predict properties

molecules based on predictions and confidence estimates


with your team or collaborators

Share results

Your Data. Our Security.

Data & IP

Any molecular structures and other data you upload or generate on our app will always be yours. You only pay to use the app and that's it.


All your data is stored in a private cloud with state-of-the-art industry security standards and is only accessible by you and your team.


All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Data transmitted between your devices and our servers is encrypted using ultra secure protocols 

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