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DeepMirror has been awarded an Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst grant in collaboration with Nuclera

Wednesday, 6th Decemer 2023 – DeepMirror has successfully secured an Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst grant in collaboration with Nuclera. This grant supports small and medium-sized businesses to test and develop innovative health and care solutions across life sciences, including therapeutics, medical devices, and digital health.

Nuclera is the developer of the eProtein, the only end-to-end protein prototyping system that combines cell-free protein expression with digital microfluidics to accelerate construct design, expression, solubility characterization and purification of target proteins in drug discovery programs. The eProtein enables rapid (48hr) expression of active and soluble proteins from DNA constructs, in high-throughput in a simple, 3-step workflow. DeepMirror’s intuitive webapp makes AI-powered drug design as simple as using a spreadsheet and empowers every biopharma team to find better drugs up to 2x faster, saving companies millions.

This grant will fund the development of a high throughput parallel screen and subsequent AI-assisted analysis to rapidly identify new compounds against difficult to drug targets. In doing so, the grant will enable Nuclera and DeepMirror to extend their platforms and capabilities in a synergistic manner, while developing an integrated product that combines state-of the art screening and AI-assisted identification of potent and specific drug candidates.

"The Biomedical Catalyst Grant from Innovate UK will enable DeepMirror to further extend our AI capabilities to even higher volumes of ingested data and identification of truly novel drug leads. Our technology will synergise with Nuclera’s highly paralellised and high through-put screening capabilities to boost speed of development of vital new drugs for our customers”, said Max Jakobs, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMirror. “We are proud to have received part of the £140 million invested by Innovate UK in the Biomedical Catalyst programme and excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Nuclera”.

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About Us:

DeepMirror is on a mission to make AI powered drug design as simple as spreadsheets and empower every biopharma team to find better drugs faster. Ultimately, powering the century of biology and elevating health for all. AI can now accelerate preclinical drug discovery by 2x. But less than 10% of all biopharma teams have adopted AI due to limitations in skills and trust. DeepMirror's software helps teams deploy AI within minutes and can be used by everyone, empowering companies in their journey from discovery to clinic in a seamless user experience. Founded in 2019, DeepMirror is now used by academic institutions, biotech, and pharma businesses across the globe.

Press Contact:

Cecilia Cabrera

Project Manager



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