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DeepMirror has been awarded a UKRI grant in collaboration with BiologIC

Monday, 29th August 2023 DeepMirror has successfully secured UKRI’s Innovative technologies for nucleic acid medicines manufacturing grant in collaboration with BiologIC Technologies. This grant aims to support the development and commercialisation of innovative solutions for the manufacturing of nucleic acid medicines, specifically to improve the resource efficiency, productivity, and scalability for the manufacture of nucleic acid medicines in the UK.

BiologIC Technologies integrates automation, robotics, and data analytics to make biological research and development more efficient, precise, and scalable. BiologIC Technologies have developed the biocomputer, a highly integrated, modular, and configurable machine built from fluidic bioprocessing chips. The biocomputer can run end-to-end advanced biological processes that turn raw material inputs into biologically useful outputs, across multiple applications, such as RNA manufacturing. Their solutions have the potential to accelerate research and development in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, biofuels, and more. The Nucleic Acid Medicines Manufacturing grant will enable BiologIC Technologies to advance their RNA bioprocessing unit.

In this grant DeepMirror’s AI capabilities will be integrated with BiologIC’s biocomputer to fast-track continuous optimisation of RNA manufacturing. DeepMirror has previously developed AI software to optimise bioprocesses with a 10-100 fold reduction in the number of required experiments.

"The Nucleic Acid Medicines Manufacturing grant will enable DeepMirror to further test our bioprocess optimisation AI technology on real-world applications. Our technology will synergise with BiologIC’s novel approach to biosynthetic processes to boost speed of development and manufacture of vital new therapeutics such as mRNA vaccines”, said Max Jakobs, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMirror.

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About Us:

DeepMirror is on a mission to bring the AI co-pilot to every Life Sciences laboratory. To this end, we build intuitive AI software that assists researchers in optimizing molecules and (bio-)processes by suggesting creative and optimal solutions, dramatically reducing the number of necessary experiments up to 100x saving companies millions.

Press Contact:

Cecilia Cabrera

Application Scientist



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