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DeepMirror has been awarded an Innovate UK grant

Tuesday, 4th June 2024 – DeepMirror has successfully secured an Innovate UK Flexible, Agile, Sustainable, Scalable Technologies (FASS) grant as part of the Transforming Medicines Manufacturing Programme in collaboration with Nuclera. DeepMirror already holds an Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst grant with Nuclera.

The Transforming Medicines Manufacturing programme supports the growth of “UK’s capabilities in manufacturing medicines by developing first-of-a-kind technologies to accelerate patient access to new drugs and treatments”. Specifically, the FASS focus area invests “in advanced manufacturing technologies for better, more responsive manufacturing approaches.”


Nuclera is the developer of the eProtein, the only end-to-end protein prototyping system that combines cell-free protein expression with digital microfluidics. The eProtein enables rapid (48hr) expression of active and soluble proteins from DNA constructs, in high-throughput in a simple, 3-step workflow. DeepMirror develops AI-powered software, it’s flagship product being a modern drug design software for medicinal chemists which accelerates drug discovery by 6x.


The project funded with this grant will see Nuclera extend the eProtein technology to rapidly screen cell expression conditions. One of the main challenges of high-throughput, miniaturised cell expression systems is the translation of these conditions to large-scale bioreactor conditions. This grant will enable integration of the eProtein with DeepMirror’s AI technology, to automatically suggest the optimal large-scale conditions from miniaturised results. This Innovate UK grant will enable Nuclera and DeepMirror to extend their capabilities in a synergistic manner, while developing an integrated product that combines state-of the art microfluidic-based cell expression and AI-assisted optimisation of scale-up conditions.


"The FASS Grant from Innovate UK will enable DeepMirror to further extend our bioprocess optimisation AI capabilities. Our technology will synergise with Nuclera’s to boost speed of optimisation of bio-manufacture conditions, in turn leading to a reduction in cost and time of production of vital new reagents and therapeutics for our customers”, said Max Jakobs, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMirror. “We are proud to have received another Innovate UK grant and to continue to collaborate with Nuclera, at the cutting edge between biotechnology and AI”.

About Us:

DeepMirror builds drug design software for biopharma teams to find better drugs faster ultimately powering the century of biology and elevating health for all. Founded in 2019, DeepMirror is now used by academic institutions, biotech, and pharma businesses across the globe.



Press Contact:

Cecilia Cabrera

Founder’s Associate






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